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02-08-2013, 05:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
You must watch completely different games.

Maybe last years games PVR'ed. I should note the amount of times I've seen Nuge rushing the puck where a check is approaching and he just peels right off and leaves the puck going forward. This is something I'd not seen from his last year and that crept into his play this year. Which suggests to me that something is wrong. As far as goals scored he has no shot to speak of this year, can't control it, wide most of the time, and the one "goal" he scored was into a yawning wide open net with the goalie being interferred with. I could score that goal.

Nuge has been reasonable in own end because he's a very smart player and anticipates and understands the game well. He's cleared our zone several times and been good at mopping up there. Which he could do with a wonky shoulder. But its much harder to get a proper shot off with a bum shoulder.

Funny thing is because hockey players are tough theres just this notion that you play through it. If this is baseball and pitcher experiencing something like this would he be playing much or get the immediate medical attention? If its playoffs or world series you work through with it. There was no reason last year not to get it done. The excuse that they thought it would get better on its own is proved to be false. This is nearly a year later.
From a medical pov though, without knowing the details of RNHs woes, when it comes to most shoulder issues you try and avoid surgery as far as possible and instead opt for rehab. I would assume an NHL club would ask the top of the crop when it comes to the physical health of their players.

It has to be noted though that most doctors would offer a patient different options, so it could be that RNH himself chose to rather try and stay away from surgery for the moment being.
Which makes sense to me, there's always risk involved with surgery, you might lose motility and so forth. If he can stay away from the knife it's probably preferable.

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