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02-08-2013, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue'sClues View Post
This type of season release clearly doesn't work well for water cooler or internet discussion.

Don't know if that really hurts a show or not, but if it does we might see weekly releases for season 2.
Agreed. When you look at it like that it's a sloppy decision by a show. Impossible to discuss amongst friends/colleagues/internet strangers unless a coordinated attempt is made.

That being said, done with season one!

Have to think season 2 opens with Zoe/Jeanine/Lucas breaking the Underwood as VP nomination before the announcement, making **** completely hit the fan internally in the White House. Underwood is going to have to try and peg someone else as the leak, and clean up his tracks in terms of Zoe continuing to dig about what really happened with Russo.

So, like another poster said previously in this thread, all the games that Underwood is playing, and the fact that he always seems one step ahead is really catching up with him. It was nice to see Rusk have his number too, and be a guy that can keep up if not be ahead of Underwood, but Underwood really put those pieces together quickly

Awesome performances throughout the season. Kate Mara's best role to date for sure, and Spacey really is awesome. I like Robin Wright in her role, but she's got dead eyes and is so even keeled all the time. Same goes for Michael Kelly (Stamper).

Really enjoyed the season. And now the waiting game commences. Excited to hear other posters thoughts on the season as they complete it.

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