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02-08-2013, 05:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Mayor Bee View Post
Let's take a look at Patrick's first-round record of drafting when he wasn't spoon-fed top-5 picks.

Colby Armstrong, Brooks Orpik, Konstantin Koltsov, Milan Kraft, Robert Dome, Craig Hillier, Alexei Morozov, Chris Wells, Stefan Bergqvist, Martin Straka, Markus Naslund. Straka and Naslund are the only two players who ever played at a level higher than "serviceable", and none of those others except Orpik even reached that level.

Want to look at the second round?

Carl Sneep, Michael Gergen, Johannes Salomonsson, Alex Goligoski, Ryan Stone, Ondrej Nemec, Noah Welch, Shane Endicott, Matt Murley, Jeremy Van Hoof, Brian Gaffaney, Alexander Zevakhin, Pavel Skrbek, Richard Park, Dominic Pittis, Marc Hussey, Rusty Fitzgerald.

Park (serviceable) and Goligoski (still unknown) are easily the two best players there. Outside of that, there's not even a single NHL-level depth player at any point. Park and Goligoski are the only two players to hit the 100 games played mark in their careers.

I have no idea how you can sit there with a straight face and talk about "JD's drafting". The Blues' best pick is Pietrangelo, who was a 4th overall pick in a top-heavy draft. Tarasenko is 9 games into his NHL career. Outside of that, it's the same situation as it is in Columbus...a lot of guys who are still prospects, and a small handful who no longer are. To make it sound as if the Blues' drafting is decisively better since 2007 since Columbus' is dishonest.
People frequently put too much emphasis on the GMs and their drafting, when in reality it comes down to, mostly, the scouting staff and their work.

A stubborn scout will see right through the tunnel and say "it's this guy or nobody" ... if that's the case, then it's likely that every other player will be overlooked, regardless of good or bad, in favor of this player. The teams that are consistently finding quality draft picks at the table are the ones that adapt and pick from a specific set of requirements. What I like about the Jackets' scouting and drafting over the last 2-3 years (really, since after the draft that saw them select Nikita Filatov) is that they are drafting based on character as much as talent. A lot of those guys you mentioned Craig Patrick drafting above were failures because they were "home run" picks - guys that were either going to be superstar players or complete busts. Many of them weren't ready to work for it - I know the story behind Johannes Salmonsson, who at the time was considered the best prospect to come out of Sweden since the Sedins. He was frustrated by the WHL team that selected him in the Import Draft, even publicly stating that he was disappointed that he wouldn't be able to play for the Vancouver Giants - and when he came over, he played like a careless, spoiled jerk. After one year he went back to Sweden and floundered.

Attitude is everything in sports. Sidney Crosby wouldn't be a world class, superstar player, if he weren't willing to run nearly 20 miles a day as a teenager. Yes, there has to be skill, but in guys like Boone Jenner and Ryan Murray, you're getting guys that want to win and succeed. That comes down to the scouts doing their job in getting to actually know everything about a kid, rather than just what they've seen from up in the stands.

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