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02-08-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by LaGu View Post
Who are these Swedish players that put up such better numbers at 19 years in the SEL? Please don't respond Forsberg, Sedins or Naslund... It would make less than a little sense seeing as the point is to say that he was never anything special... Those guys were something really really special.

Paajarvi at 18y
50gp 7g 10a 17p 0.34 ppg
Paajarvi at 19y
49gp 12g 17a 29p 0.59 ppg

Sundin at 18-19y
34gp 10g 8p 18p 0.53 ppg

Backstrom at 19y
46 gp 10g 16a 26p 0.57 ppg

L.Eriksson at 19y
46gp 8g 6a 14p 0.3 ppg

Alfredsson at 19-20y
20 gp 1g 5a 6p 0.3 ppg

Zetterberg had better numbers at 19 (0.8 ppg) but he was playing in the 2nd league.

Lander at 18y
49gp 7g 9a 16p 0.33 ppg
Lander at 19y
49gp 10g 14a 24p 0.49 ppg

I just picked players off the top of my head here, I am not trying to be a smart*** but I really want to know which are these guys putting up numbers way better than PRV did in the SEL.
You can look it in another way! He had a season as 17 behind him(can do your investigation a bit wider) and his body was grown for the mens leuage early and because of his speed. His hasnt developed so much as others who wasnt full grown yet early. He isnt clutch and he has always needed alot of chances for every goal he got.

Sam gagner syndrome, you doesnt have to be stellar material because you play against men very young. Other prospect with a slower steady development passing you in a couple of years coming fresh from juniors.

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