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02-08-2013, 05:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Inkling View Post
"14 or 15 sets per year"!? Wow, no wonder they are mostly worthless today.
Number of Sets does not equate to how many cards are made total. It's not worthless today. I'm sure most people now would probably assume that the hobby is similar to the 90s where everything was overproduced to hell and back making the majority of cards worth less than the cardboard they were printed on.

Sets now are way more limited in their production and a lot of products can carry significant value. This lockout hurts because a big part of the industry is driven by rookies and the decision to not include players who are debuting until next year in sets has caused the cancellation of some more successful sets and killed interest from a big part of the fan base as a whole.

Small card places without a second revenue stream will take a big hit until July.

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