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02-08-2013, 06:07 PM
Who do you play for?
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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
No the point was that your example wasn't even remotely close to the situation with Fleury. The "stats lie" angle was what you were going for and using a Rocket Richard winner as your comparable makes your argument lose credibility.

Fleury's stats were not that much better under Therrien nor has he produced much better than his backups over his career (and we know those backups are nothing to get excited about).

As for the Olympics, you are right that even making the Canadian Olympic team is a big deal. I guess it just depends on your definition of "elite". To me, an elite goaltender is one that is top 5 in the league. Fleury certainly is not in that category. Hence, he is not elite.

By YOUR definition he has to be top 5 in the league. How are you determining the top 5? Once again, is it based on stats? How long does a goalie need to post these stats? Is it year to year or over a long period of time? Does he need to win Championships?

The point is, there is either only 1 or 2 true Elite goalies, or 7-8 elite depending on your view point. If you asked for a top 5 list from NHL Scouts, GM's and coaches, you would probably get only 1 name that would be on everyone's list (Lundqvist). Then you would get probably 7 more names like Anderson, Renne, Fleury, Miller, Luongo, Quick, Ward.

So basically, based on the above example, you can only say that Lundqvist is the only true elite goalie, or you can say that there are 7, 8, maybe even 10 elite goalies. There really isn't a consensus top 5 goalies in the league!

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