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02-08-2013, 06:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Habsawce View Post
Yeah I understand that, and for the most part I do feel the same way. However, you do see good teams with their best in the top 2 playing massive minutes and winning.

It just might be worth a look in while Markov appears to still be in good form.

Markov-Subban - 30 minutes
Gorges-Emelin - 18 minutes
Bouillon-Diaz - 12 minutes

Just a thought
Staying healthy is so important...and 30minutes for Markov is asking for trouble. Still lots of games left...pace it! (you can try that for 1-2 playoff games, but now?). I want to go into the playoffs with our D core healthy!! (D core in order of importance for playoffs: Subban, Gorges, Markov, Bouillon, Emelin, Diaz...want to see Markov elevate his game for the playoffs like he sometimes does during the regular season).

30 minutes a game for Markov scares the **** out of me...because of more injury risk. TRy and protect him if you can. I want to see Markov in the playoffs (to see what he can do when it counts the most...but just staying healthy would make us/me so happy!).

doubt they go down to 12min/game. They're both getting 20min/game. Good for preserving our D core (Subban, Gorges, Markov). Bouillon-Diaz are doing well...and they're helping our D core (Subban, Gorges, Markov) get less minutes but not that much less. 30min/game or close for Markov is asking for trouble (6 months' injury...and then I'll cry/complain again...we don't want that!).
Just do everything you can to keep Markov healthy (, max, and all the PP...and watch his 5 on 5...make sure a Lucic or Cooke is not out there...and somehow tell Markov not to be a sitting duck out there in the boards' area or corners or anywhere on ice! he has to watch out the way Subban and Gorges do...this way you know what's coming).

for me...only when there's 1-2min left in any period...when we need a tying goal or tie-breaker goal. Spread the talent so all our pairings are defensive and good, but I'm not against reuniting Markov and Subban for the PP, or when we really need a goal (so a few times per game here and there).

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