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02-08-2013, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
O'Brien is 3 years younger and already a better player than Greening. He's not as big, strong or quick as Greening but he' got a much better set of hands and better understanding of the game imo. We've seen him play all forward positions and he gets that he's gotta go to the net to be effective, something Greening still seems to struggle with.

Personally, I think the organization missed an opportunity with JOB and he should have been kept as a defenseman. The guy has a great set of tools to be a top 4 defender. But he's turned out to be a solid center which isn't a colossal failure by any means. There's a lot more potential there than the almost 27 year old Greening.

Latendresse will play as soon as he's healthy.
Isn't that why JOB was drafted in the 1st rd while Greening was drafted in the 6th rd & in his first yr in Ottawa worked his way to the top line something JOB has yet to do. Oh, he did the same thing in Bingo his first yr there too working up from the 4th to the first line. Ppl keep underestimating him while the coaches keep promoting him & lets not forget that he put up 37 pts in his first yr & made the allstar game or should we down play that too as being all Speedo's doing?

Originally Posted by FolignoQuantumLeap View Post
I get the Greening love, but I just don't know if his flaws are realistically curable. He's a guy who worked most of his life towards becoming a doctor rather than a pugilist. I don't know the man personally but the seems like a pacifist by nature and genuinely nice human being. The nastiness that Greening would need to somehow learn to become a dominant player probably goes against his nature.

Hopefully I'm wrong. I'd definitely trade him for almost any of the players you mentioned. Love me some McBain and Petry.
I think he is going for the Lady Bing this yr he has no penalties so far this yr. While I would agree adding a little more nastiness to his game would IMO improve his game, it could also lead to some stupid penalties which a lot of ppl on here blame Smith for taking. Yes it would be great if he scores more but that really isn;t his role on the team, it's to create space for his linemates, it's to dig pucks out of the corners, it's to fight for pucks along the boards & it's to shut down the other team's scorers. IMO he does all of that rather effectively, if not spectacularly.

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