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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
Stats are just one factor, a strong one, to consider when evaluating talent. That year those goalies were statistically better but over large sample sizes it's not close. Mike Smith was really good last year. Elliot too. This is the NHL, there are a lot of good players who when they get into grooves or hit their stride can produce at high levels. Look, I never said stats were the end all be all but it is very clear if you look at Clemmer's record and stats he is a good backup despite your feelings and emotions towards his play. Tallon disagrees with you. Santos disagrees with you. The coaching staff disagrees with you. And a lot of posters disagree with you. You act as if the past/track record has no value. It's bizarre. It means a lot. That's why GUYS LIKE MARKSTROM HAVE HYPE. His numbers in the Elitserien were awesome for a young guy. His play in the WJ too. People bring up stats for young guys and established guys all the time because it's completely relevant and is an important factor when evaluating talent.
that's a nice attempt to dance around the point i made, but not successful one.

the point was stats do not prove everything in regards to goaltenders. you can keep citing clemmensens record from last year but THAT DOES NOT PROVE HE IS A GOOD GOALTENDER. HE ISN'T

and i think Jacob Markstrom's hype has more to do from, well, you know...scouts ACTUALLY WATCHING HIM PLAY and seeing a 6'6 goaltender who can move like a 5'10 one.

you need to stop, because your arguments are terrible.

Garrison is another one of your apples and oranges comparison. Most didn't think Garrison would match his production because defenses would cover his shot more. That's why his production slowed as the season went on. He's also valuable for his defense and puck moving ability, and offense. That's why he was a highly sought after free agent who signed a big contract. He wasn't signed only because he scored 16 goals.
agree that it's an apples to oranges comparison, but the point still remains. prior stats are not guarantees of future production.

you knew garrison's production would not continue. why? because you saw him play and knew he was a one-trick pony.

get it?

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