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Originally Posted by Fourier View Post
Rieder puts up far more points than Zharkov and is just as defensively responsible. He's also a better skater. What is he missing that would write him off? Size? He's not that small and he competes hard in all the tough areas.

Pitlick still has a decent shot to be an NHL'er but it will be as a bottom 6 winger. Moroz is a long way from being a write off. Same as Ewanyk. The article also leaves out Khaira since he is in the NCAA. He is also big and talented.
I'm just talking their CHL guys, but ya I did mention Pitlick.

As I said at the time, and it continues to be true today, the top two rounds shouldn't be used for guys who're most likely gonna be bottom-6ers or bottom pairing d-men.

Musil was an okay risk because he was so defensively responsible that you hoped he'd be able to at least rise to a Smid-like level in development. Hope he can, but injuries are always a concern in development.

But Pitlick wasn't a big producer for most of his amateur career, and Moroz definitely wasn't worthy of being a high 2nd rounder. They may turn out, actually I think Pitlick will have something of an NHL career in the 4th line role. But you hope for more from borderline 1st round picks.

I'm not writing off Reider, but he looks to be following the Liam Reddox development model-- great post-draft season and then...what happened? Not a positive sign, at the very least. And not a lot of smaller bottom-6 forwards in the league.

Zharkov's just a bigger banger, and if he can figure out the skating and consistent scoring, he could develop into a nice Hartikainen-type, I think.

Not writing anybody off-- I just don't see a lot of NHL hope/talent in the CHL group. They're all relative longshots to being impact players.

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