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Originally Posted by TheSniper26 View Post
Who are the other elite goalies that aren't "stats goalies"? Surely if a guy can be elite without having the stats to back it up, there must be others like this besides Fleury right? Or is it more likely that a fan base is making excuses because they don't want to admit their 1st overall pick didn't quite pan out the way they hoped?

The last 5 Vezina winners' numbers:

Fleury has been up in that range one time in his career and it was the year he only played 35 games. People can dismiss stats all they want, but clearly they mean something because the goalies who are actually awarded for being elite all have the numbers to show for it at the end of the year. And if you want to go by career numbers, Fleury is currently 21st among active goalies in save%. So are we now saying that the 20 guys ahead of him have all had the luxury of playing on defensively dominant teams their whole career?

As for Fleury having better numbers under Therrien's D-first system... not really. A .911 save% over that time. Not bad, but not great either. More proof that Fleury's struggles go back a lot further than the defensive issues of the last couple of seasons. These numbers don't point to Fleury being a bad goalie, simply an average NHL starter. There's nothing wrong with that, but his fans seem to get offended at the notion that not everyone thinks he's elite.
Your right there are others. Quick, Ward, and Price all are not big "stats" goalies, but are all in the conversation as well. So as you see, it's not a Fleury thing, it's an ability to look beyond printed numbers. This is hockey, not accounting....numbers aren't everything.

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