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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
My arguments are so terrible, they're almost as bad as Clemmer! Clemmer is such a bad goalie he only manages to get points in 20/26 games! Imagine if he was a good goalie! His record wouldn't have been 14-6-6, he'd be undefeated! It's amazing what we could do with a bad goalie!Damn Tallon for not being as smart as you and addressing such a blatant problem! I guess Tallon gave an extension to him because he was so bad! And why do Tallon, and Santos, and Dineen have him as the backup still if he's not good enough!? Thanks for shining light on a situation we are all blind to! Perhaps we can send Tallon and Santos a link to this thread. Clemmer has only been playing regularly since 2008 but you're the first to see he isn't a good goaltender. You should be a scout!Which brings me to my next point...
ahhhh....sarcasm.....the lowest form of wit.

I said statistics are a factor. Those who can read, know that means that other things come into consideration like scouting as you pointed out. I'm sure though if Markstrom had an .800 and a 3.99 GAA he wouldn't have the same hype as an 18 year old leading the league in both categories.

yup - but that's not why he's hyped. i'm sure theres several other goalies with impressive statistics in europe.

Prior stats don't guarantee anything. Nobody is arguing they do. You can infer ability through statistics. That's why they're used as a factor in evaluating talent.
they're not ever used as a factor in evaluating talent. they're used to evaluate production. big difference.

you should stop, i've never seen anyone be more wrong about....everything.

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