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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
Agree with you, more or less

I see KHL as long-term project. Yes, owners are prepared to lose money because they need to establish the league, market. You dont have such television market in Russia/Eastern Europe as in North America - needs investments, it has been happening since 2009, but still not ideal. You dont have great new arenas in Russia/East Europe as in NA. A few projects are there. NHL has great clean/white ice, moders boards - do you know guys that KHL is in touch with canadian leaders to have the same boards,ice in KHL? Not tommorow, but trend is there. If KHL did not care about development, no contacts/seminars/meetings with canadian experts would happen. The latest in Magnitogorsk with Jetice, rus. KHL has own developing center and management school or so. You know, KHL clubs have problem with marketing and sport managment. It is simple, you dont have such people in Russia, not for 20+ teams. If there are experts, they work outside hockey.

It is a bussiness model, company needs to invest to be succesfull within 10, 20, 50 years. KHL and its clubs are not ideal but are making progress. It takes time, moscow was not built over night
I agree that there is a long, long way to go before all of the many problems are addressed. Some things may work out well, others may not. But I do think the league is fully ready to absorb losses in revenue for a long time, but continue to invest and build. A lot of people in Russia want to see the KHL develop into a league they can be proud of. There is a large talent and a strong hockey culture in the countries where the KHL currently operates.

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