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I get the Greening love, but I just don't know if his flaws are realistically curable. He's a guy who worked most of his life towards becoming a doctor rather than a pugilist. I don't know the man personally but the seems like a pacifist by nature and genuinely nice human being. The nastiness that Greening would need to somehow learn to become a dominant player probably goes against his nature.

Hopefully I'm wrong. I'd definitely trade him for almost any of the players you mentioned. Love me some McBain and Petry.
It is very hard to try and develop a nasty side in players. If a player didn't play overly physical in juniors then they rarely ever develop that aspect later in their careers. That is why it is important to target those kinds of players in the draft. We don't really have that many players in the system who play that nasty physical game, so we are forced to try to develop that edge in other grinders, which as stated above is a very difficult thing to do.

The main thing Greening has going for him is his raw athleticism. Randy Lee compared him to the likes of Chara and Fisher in terms of being a gym rat with freak athletic ability. If Greening didn't have that athleticism he would have a hard time sticking with the team. He has some skill but isn't a top six forward and he has some grit but he isn't really a tough player. The hope is that the Senators can take that raw athleticism and turn Greening into either a more skilled player or a more prominent physical player.

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