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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
By this logic, McDonagh for O'Reilly is fair value, no?
Not quite, but nice try. First, McDonagh has a season and a half in. He and Sauer were right up there with Staal/Girardi in terms of shut-down play for the second half of 2010/11. He not only continued that play, but improved on it when he had to step into Staal's role as the top guy. His play in his first half season (shut down, minute eating 2nd pair guy) is also more valuable than what O'Reilly was prior to last season (a very good defensive center with average 3rd line offense).

One guy was impressive and then upped his game in the absence of a star partner. The other guy was average and looked better than that only AFTER receiving a star partner. He also seems afraid to do a bridge contract. Any chance even he's concerned about his production without Landeskog?

McDonagh has more of a track record. Even if he didn't, it's an absurd comparison. If you value both players on their early seasons, a #3 defenseman is always going to have more value than a 3rd line center. If you judge them both on their best seasons (ie- last year), a # 2 defenseman will always be worth more than a #2 center. And again, that's without even taking into account the fact that McDonagh has shown more and actually has a contract.

I get what you're trying to do, but the reality is what it is. The Avs have three options: trade RO'R for far less than you guys are asking for in these threads, give him the money he wants, or let him sit until he either walks or caves. Frankly, I hope the third option is the one the Avs choose. The only way to keep costs from going crazy and getting ANOTHER lockout is for GMs to exercise some control. O'Reilly hasn't earned a big payday yet. If he doesn't learn that (the way MDZ, Subban, etc) have, then he never will. A player that stupid/selfish is only a detriment to your team.

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