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Originally Posted by Ogelthorpe View Post
Your right there are others. Quick, Ward, and Price all are not big "stats" goalies, but are all in the conversation as well. So as you see, it's not a Fleury thing, it's an ability to look beyond printed numbers. This is hockey, not accounting....numbers aren't everything.
Saying Quick, Price and Ward are not stats goalies and to compare their lot with MAF doesn't make much sense. Price's career numbers are much better than MAF's with similar playoff numbers. Quick career numbers and playoff numbers are both much better than MAF's. Ward's regular season stats are similar to MAF's but his playoff stats are much better.

There's a reason why the Vezina finalists/tournament honors/the considered best goalies in the league/etc are always goalies with great stats and it's not because there are stat goalies and non-stat goalies. It's because guys that regulatory stop a higher percentage of shots are better than guys that regularly stop a lower percentage of shots.

For anyone deriding goalie stats, I have a question. What will it say about MAF's past and current performance if Vokoun, long considered a "stats goalie", post significantly better numbers than MAF this year while playing on the same team, with the same defense, with a similar amount of games? Does this mean that Vokoun is a better goalie? Does this mean that goalie stats may actually mean something since Vokoun will have played for 4 different NHL teams in his career and has been good in different circumstances, that maybe goalies have more of an effect on their overall numbers than people want to believe? That a goalie's ability to stop shots might have a bit more with their own skill level than the team in front of them?

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