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02-08-2013, 07:32 PM
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The nastiness that we would like to see in Greening could be a detriment in this new NHL. I hope that the refs don't continue to make the kind of calls we are seeing but if they do then we are going to read a lot more on here about players taking stupid penalties & costing games. Greening doesn't seem to take stupid penalties like so many here keep accusing Z. Smith of doing. Being aggressive is great if the refs let you play the game that way but are they? Will they? Who knows? And if they start taking fighting out of the game as so many want what's the point then? Do we want him running guys from behind? Where do we draw the line? If he did drop them more, he would probably be more of a hero to some fans & hated by others.

IMO Greening plays a smart game, he hits, he fore checks, he back checks, digs pucks out of the corners & along the boards & makes some nice passing plays & doesn't take stupid penalties. He is versatile & can play on any line as he has already proven in any position with anyone on his line & the line plays better & he can take faceoffs. He is not only the fastest Sens player, he is one of the fastest players in the NHL, he is big, he is strong like bull & unlike Fatso-in-a-dress is in superb condition. And then there was that pretty boy Filatov who most wanted to replace Greening on Speedo's line, where is he again? Just thought I'd throw that in there.

Of course we want more offence from him but you can't have everything & that's not really what they pay him for, now is it? But let's give him some credit, the guy works hard every shift & he doesn't take a shift off like some. I had these same arguements about Fisher & there were lots here who couldn't wait to ship him out of town, they prefer the pretty boys who put up all the pts & disregard all the other players that make up a winning team. A takes all kinds of players to make up a winning formula & it takes grunts like Greening who work hard & get little pay & less credit.

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