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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
I couldn't resist, HugoSimon, I had to post:

3 Conference Format revisited:

Western ConferenceCentral ConferenceEastern Conference
San JoseColumbusBoston
Los AngelesChicagoNY Rangers
AnaheimSt LouisNY Islanders
PhoenixDallasNew Jersey
WinnipegTampa BayPittsburgh

(Of course that Eastern Conference alignment will be chewed up and spit out; but you can align them as you wish.)

Regular Season Schedule:
24 games = 6 x 4
20 games = 4 x 5
40 games = 2 x 20
84 game total

Playoff Teams:
6 teams = Top team in each Division makes the Playoffs.
9 teams = The 3 teams with the next best records in each Conference make the Playoffs.
1 team = Final wildcard spot is awarded to the team with the next best record League-wide.
16-team Playoff

Playoff Seeding:
There would be 5 teams representing each Conference, with one Conference having 6 teams.
- For the 1st Round, within each Conference, the Top seeded team would be matched up against the Lowest seeded team within that Conference. The 2nd seed would match against the 2nd lowest...., and the two Conferences with 5 teams entering the Playoffs would have their 3rd place teams play each other.
- For the 2nd Round, two Conferences would still have 3 teams remaining and the other Conference would still have 2 teams remaining. Again, the middle seeded teams in the two Conferences with 3 remaining teams would play each other.
- For the 3rd, Conference Elimination, Round the four remaining teams from the 3 Conferences would play each other (one Conference still having two representatives that would play each other, assuring that Conference a Finals representative), while the result of the other matchup would effectively eliminate one Conference from competition,... thus producing the two Conference Champions.

- For the Final, as usual, the 2 Conference Champions meet.
This is what I would like the league to implement for the 3 conference format if they ever read the board for the following reason: balanced schedule in this regular season games. If we go with 2 conference and 3 divisions each conference, there's still unbalanced schedule with only 18 interconference games. So with this schedule, I like the 40 games with interconference games if you balance it with home/away.

However, the playoffs format remains the sticky spot. Since the schedule breakdown looks good. I have put in the idea a few years ago about this format and I would like to revisit the format for this thread.

There are two stages of the 3 conference to determine the playoff bracket. I will put the illustration on how this will work.

Stage One

Fig 1.0Allotment.jpg (Click this image to enlarge)

Five simple steps from this illustration:

First step: Each teams' first 58 games schedule will be played, home and away against 29 other teams, two games against each other for this allotment standing to count.

Second step: We count all teams win/loss into the conference standing. You will see the T in the column, it represents the regulation time tied into OT does not affect the true standing in OTL we have now. This is to prevent the conference games 3 pointer while other conference has played fewer OT.

Third step: with all the games counted, it determines the strength of the three conference and top 2 conference will be awarded 6 playoff spots and the last conference will be awarded 4 playoff spots. This announcement can be made right before the all-star break.

Fourth step: After the announcement, teams' remain 26 games will be played against the conference play in February/March/April.

Fifth step: All teams' 84 games is counted toward the final standing that includes OTL to determine total points for each team in the conference and playoff begins with the illustration below.

Stage Two

Fig 2.0 Playoff System.jpg (Click this image to enlarge)

Four simple steps in the playoff bracket:

First step: All first round series is best of 7. (See Fig 2.0 for match-ups for each conference)

Second step: the weakest conference first round winners will be split up and join two strongest conference. (see Fig 2.0). Two strongest conference will not meet each other until the Stanley Cup Final. The first round winners will be grouped together in a box for the reseeding purpose.

Third step: after reseeding, all second round series is best of 7 and remains that way until the Cup Finals.

Fourth step: the bracket will lead to the Stanley Cup final and the two weakest conference teams that was split up could potentially meet each other for the final if they wins their next two series against other teams in the bracket.

I know that this idea is complicated but if you follow those steps, it becomes much simple to follow and makes the most sense.

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