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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
that's a nice attempt to dance around the point i made, but not successful one.

the point was stats do not prove everything in regards to goaltenders. you can keep citing clemmensens record from last year but THAT DOES NOT PROVE HE IS A GOOD GOALTENDER. HE ISN'T

and i think Jacob Markstrom's hype has more to do from, well, you know...scouts ACTUALLY WATCHING HIM PLAY and seeing a 6'6 goaltender who can move like a 5'10 one.

you need to stop, because your arguments are terrible.

Stats certainly prove something in regards to goaltenders. They might be deceiving at times, but the best goaltenders put up the best stats over the course of their careers.

You can say the stats don't prove anything to you in regards to Clemmer, but you saying he isn't good does not prove he isn't good.

The scouts liking Markstrom because they watch him play is true. The stats also tell us he's good though. That's not really an argument against stats.

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