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Originally Posted by flapanthersfan View Post
the stats argument again - doesn't prove a whole lot.

theodore was great in his first three games. don't really remember the tampa game well, but he was terrible against winnipeg and not very good against buffalo, either. he was fantastic last night though. hopefully he keeps it up

in no way shape or form am i saying he should be benched, traded, demoted, nothing. he has proven hes a legit starting caliber goalie and i still think he is. markstrom just adds more insurance than Clemmensen does if he continues his erratic play.

the only thing that stat really does to me is just prove this team isn't very good defensively, and it exposes clemmensen ( a bad goalie) more than it does theodore (a good goalie)
That stat certainly does prove something.

Why don't you like that stat? Not only is it a stat, it's a stat with context. Shots from within 15 feet are considered legit scoring chances most of the time. That's usually where most of the goals in the NHL are scored.

I can see you saying that goalie stats are deceiving because they don't tell the whole story, but this stat tells a story. It tells you where some of the shots are coming from.

Also, you obviously didn't read it because the #'s show that we're not absolutely terrible defensively. Theodore has faced over 40 shots from within 15 feet, but certain goalies have already faced over 60.

The only thing the stat proves is that Theodore has been the best in the league at bailing his team out from that area so far this season.

This also shows why goalies like the ones you previously mentioned (Brian Elliot, for example) did so well last year. It shows which systems are exceptional at limiting scoring chances. Halak, for example, who is on the list/on the same team as Elliot has only faced 16 such shots this year.

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