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02-08-2013, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by GFORCE View Post
You overrate the guy.

Rask was not his move, it was the interim GM just before him who did that... just like signing Chara and Savard. The Kelly acquisition for a 2nd pick was not any better than any other deadline move, he just happened to re-sign him, which is the key here.

Don't get me wrong, Chiarelli has done a great job and the Hamilton/Seguin trade ended up being great for the Bruins. But guys like Lucic, Marchand, Rask, Thomas, Chara, Bergeron and Krejci were in this system way before he came in. He sure did all right in keeping that core and surrounding them well with guys like Horton, Peverley, Kelly, Ryder and Recchi (for the cup year), but Montreal makes those moves and it doesn't pay off as much as it did for the Bruins. Chiarelli inherited a solid core, but still made a mistake or two. Including giving up on Versteeg, and whether people like it or not, not being able to maximize the value of his goaltenders when they both had a great value. Even then, Seguin and Hamilton played absolutely no role in the Bruins Cup run.
Now, I do understand what moves happen before and during his GM time. I do know that Rask isn't his move, yet, it is just about my "Bruins have all the luck" tirade. Now, I do go on by saying that Chiarelli is great and yet, he is. I have no idea what your point is. I'm overrating him yet, your giving me all the reasons to do so by pointing out the great moves he made. So Kelly was "just" a deadline move, yet, contrary to us, he ended up re-signing Kelly and the guy is still a very good defensive forward, helping the Bruins. While Dominic Moore is...gone. No matter what kind of move he made, it worked and still works. No matter what role Seguin played in the cup...he is still an awesome acquisition....Chiarelli had indeed started with a great group of guys, but surrounded them well and won a Cup. But also succeeded in building a future. Not sure how that's overrated. He will make mistakes, like every GM....who cares. He won, and his team is STILL at the top and will be for years to come. You are allowed to make mistakes based on that. Holland in Detroit didn't make solely great moves, yet was and will be known as one of the greatest GM out there.

But Chiarelli's trades are amongst the best in recent years. From short term to longer term. Reechi AND a 2nd rounder for Lashoff and Karsums. The Seidenberg acquisition...people underestimate the importance of that very good d-man. While he had to get rid of Wheeler, even Peverley played a good role for them. That's the other trades...aside from the Kessel trade who permitted Chiarelli to not only keep a very good team, but prepared a future very good team.

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