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Originally Posted by BeersHockey View Post
Most savvy business owners can discern between a situation where you lose (made up numbers for arguments sake) $5mm and one where you lose $20mm. The fact is you were going to lose no matter what - the skill is that you were able to minimize your loss. This is why CEO's get huge pay packages even when the company loses money. The Caps are going to lose no matter what, its how they manage that loss is what matters. If the GM can't make his owner see this, he deserves to lose his job.
If that's the case then the Capitals will lose next year with their roster and should sell off what they have, because tanking for a high draft pick will not improve them next year. Capitals have some very good pieces on forward and defence to compete now. I don't see how capitals will lose no matter what, anyways these are loser attitudes I have come accustomed to reading in these threads. The bottom line is that players, coaches, and GMs are competitive, they don't play to lose. People on HFboards like to lose and accumulate prospects, no wonder no one here works in the hockey business.

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