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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
His offense didn't progress using your logic. He was PPG but only played 25 games. He had virtually the same offensive production his entire CHL career.

You're last paragraph is full of irrelevant claims and unsubstantiated claims. "Murphy can't produce like Pietrangelo". Says who? If you're basing this on the OHL, then you'd be wrong, and even with your stats based arguement you could see how wrong that is. If you're basing this on the NHL, says who? You don't know what's going to happen. Defense here is irrelevant, you said defensemen who are good offensive must produce and progress in junior. Pietrangelo did not progress, but he doesn't count because it doesn't fit your arguement?
AP did progress statistically. He stayed pretty steady but then in his final season took a huge step. Murphy cant produce like AP did in the OHL is what I mean. As you said, he changed his style of game offensively. Ever since that he hasnt really produced all that much, and its been going down more. He did it to focus on a defensive game that hasnt became anything spectacular, while AP's was readyf or the NHL including his defensive game

AP almost doubled his goal total from his first to second year, the next season he was hurt but kept up relatively consistent production (I already gave Murphy credit there, injuries will hurt your offense), and then the year after that he was putting up much bigger numbers. He also had an dominant world junior

Compare that to Murphy for a second and see how well it fits your argument.

Murphy had an awesome draft year, 26 goals 79 points. Then sees his goal total fall all the way to 11 the next season putting up just above a point per game and now this year he has a whopping 6 goals so far, well under a point per game and an extremely underwhelming world junior.

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