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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
How it possibly be guaranteed to be fair that two Conferences get 6 Playoff teams and one Conference only gets 4 Playoff teams? It might work out that way sometimes, but most times... ?
The reason it is fair because you will want to have the conference based playoff as much as possible. I do agree that it is unfair for the weakest conference with 4 spots but this is reasonable solution because it is incentive based performance. This format will prevent the lull of the regular season and make them play their hardest to ensure the guarantee of their playoff spot to 6 teams in their own conference, including the middle ranked teams and the weaker teams in the conference would not want to let the other conference get its 2 extra spots making the inter-conference games even more important. My final point is that the strength of each conference changes from year to year.

One positive thing about the 6 playoffs spot and 4 playoff spot is the extra games within the conference to vent their frustration of the weaker teams inability to be strong when they played the inter-conference games between February-April and this will fuel the rivalry between the conference teams.

If this is still unfair then 3 conference playoff could work well if they just do with top 4 in each conference making this 12 teams in the playoffs but that is too low ratio with playoffs teams. Even with the 3 conference set-up, the league-wide playoff system won't work due to the travel and the disadvantage of the east coast teams having to fly over to the west for the 7 games series for early rounds.

Top 6-8 in each conference make the playoffs with 18 or 24 teams and nobody wants that many teams in the playoffs. Even the conference winner would end up with 3 conference winners but how do you determine the final 3 and we want to keep the tradition of the Stanley Cup Final series and the best of 7 rounds.

So hence, I thought of this format I made in my recent post to make it much easier to follow and we don't want to see 3 conference winner end up with the robin round format for the Cup. We tend to talk about which conference is the strongest as we still debate with fans which conference is the strongest with east/west format we have today. We don't want to shut out the weakest conference of their playoff hopes so top 4 is the happy medium to allow them an opportunity of their own and split up and join other bracket so that the bracket is more balanced.

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