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02-08-2013, 09:21 PM
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Originally Posted by mpp9 View Post
I've been pretty consistent since the start of the season saying Niskanen is an upgrade for them. Most certainly over Wade freaking Redden and a bunch of rookies sitting in the press box. He prefers to play the left side, Nisky has said so in many interviews. He's virtually stayed on the left his entire time here. He's cheap and has upside left to be tapped.

Nisky would be playing with Letang right now and likely into the postseason if he wasn't hurt and Despres not breaking out like he has. He's not good enough for the Blues though?

IMO, DA is waiting for the right time to move him. He knows he's not a fit with the team under Hitch. He's a one dimensional player. You're not going to get the best out of him unless he's playing in a more uptempo system with an elite playmaker. They can move him at the draft for futures or they can move him in the next few weeks for a piece that helps them compete in the postseason.

Niskanen on Pietro's LD helps them far more than Stewart playing 13 minutes with Steen or Berglund.

Add a D prospect like Harrington or Maatta to give them a longterm piece on the backend and the Blues get a very solid return for a depreciating asset.
You're overrating our players. Ian Cole is just as good on left defense as Matt Niskanen is. Different type of player, but just as good. The Blues' issues go beyond adding a Matt Niskanen to their blueline. Again, they have the D corps to get out of this slump they're in.

I don't disagree that they probably would love to get out from under ANY contracts that aren't producing. But they're in a very difficult predicament, in that they're among the top contenders in the Western Conference and yet can't really take on any salary. So, basically they need to become another Nashville or Phoenix. And I don't think they have the goaltending to do that.

Anyways, 'throwing in' one of our D prospects for Chris Stewart is not something I'd be interested in doing at this time. I'm keeping our D prospects unless we're adding an elite winger. Otherwise, deal the Niskanen's, Dupuis', Cooke's, Kennedy's et al.

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