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02-08-2013, 09:28 PM
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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
I don't think anyone wants to keep Stastny in favor of O'Reilly but given the situation I just don't see the avs keeping him long term. Hell I still don't think he even wants to play here but that's just me.
I agree with this.
Of course also some of us people who dislike O'Reilly's tactics and how has handled this want to have O'Reilly here instead of Stastny. But that does not mean that we should pay O'Reilly what he wants, cause that won't lead to any good either.
O'Reilly denied one lowball offer and then denied a very fair offer.
Would I have done this differently if I would've been in charge for either side? Yes I would. But unfortunately that's no the situation we're in right now.

BTW, I'm also thinking that if/when Phoenix moves to Quebec, Staz might be someone who they'd like there cause of the name. The FO might therefore wait until the off-season with this situation, and might then offer a longer more expensive contract (let's say 4.5/6y).
The thing is that we don't know what is happening now, and unfortunately I'm not sure if the FO knows either.

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