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Originally Posted by Bench View Post
I think the biggest thing we forget is that they are PEOPLE. Like honest to goodness people. And you know how sometimes you don't get along with a guy at work? Yeah, well, that guy might be your 30 goal scorer but if you're always fighting about how to get work done, you're not going to get that TPS report filed on time or get a hat trick.

Attitude and personality count for A LOT. NHL general managers know this, which is why they drill prospects with interviews before the draft. Teams also hire psychologists to profile players. I wouldn't ask Hannibal Lecter who was killing young girls, I'd ask who to draft.

And it's all information that we're left in the dark about. Totally blind. But we swing away from the keyboard like we're in any position of authority because we have Center Ice and access to CORSI stats. Yeesh.

Despite what people say about this current generation of Red Wings teams, they are still entertaining as hell to watch. Great hockey. Creativity and elite playmaking. Zetterberg and Datsyuk are a joy to watch, an absolute joy. I have quite a bit of fun when I'm not sifting through how terrible everybody is and how Dan Cleary is a waste of human space. Personality is part of what makes sport great. The figures that make up the team mean something.

Ravens fans might be happy they just won a Super Bowl, but I'd feel pretty hollow if it was murderer (oh sorry, ALLEGEDLY) Ray Lewis leading my team to victory. Sure, you won, but the guy is a piece of garbage. Not the Dan Cleary type, the real person type. Does that matter? To me. Because sports are entertainment, not business. And I don't get a Cup ring when the Wings win, oddly enough. So it's more important I have a good time than put reproduction championship banners in my garage.
You should cry on Malik's shoulder.

Maybe HFboards should be like Reddit's hockey board, where people post stupid memes and pictures of themselves with hockey players...

Great stuff.

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