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Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
The reason it is fair because you will want to have the conference based playoff as much as possible. I do agree that it is unfair for the weakest conference with 4 spots but this is reasonable solution because it is incentive based performance. This format will prevent the lull of the regular season and make them play their hardest to ensure the guarantee of their playoff spot to 6 teams in their own conference, including the middle ranked teams and the weaker teams in the conference would not want to let the other conference get its 2 extra spots making the inter-conference games even more important. My final point is that the strength of each conference changes from year to year.
What's this passion for Conference or Divisional based Playoffs that's such an importance to some of you? Rivalry matchups are great, but as someone said the other day, they're also great is they don't happen all the time. And variety can breed new matchups. If there's a system that allows a bit of mix and match, I don't see what the problem is. I'm not keen on your 6-6-4 Playoff system. Yes, now I understand it, but such a system isn't necessary.

What if the weaker Conference is just very marginally weaker, by a fraction of a % give or take? It still gets penalized by having 2 teams less making the Playoffs. What if the big difference is one Conference that is particularly stronger than the other two which are about equal? Should that strong Conference then get 8 Playoff teams and the other two only 4 each?

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