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02-08-2013, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by The Fading Captain View Post
It's hard to believe someone could be so condescending about something while being so wrong, but you've pulled it off. Bravo.

Instant reactions are always going to to lack perspective when you look back at them later.

But if you think the Danny Clearly hate is based on 8 games, then you're just being obtuse.

Take a look at the Red Wings trend line.
If you're a Red Wings fan who wants your team to be a cup contender, then you don't like that trend.
If you look at Holland's roster philosophies, both stated and practiced, you can understand why this team is where it is and is going where its going.

Criticism, positive and negative, isn't *****ing. It's criticism.

If that offends you, get the **** off the internet, junior
I'm not offended. But I think you have proven my point quite nicely.

Originally Posted by Flowah View Post
Hey, bro.

If you don't revere Holland and Babcock as infallible, you're not a real fan and you should cheer for another team. If you ever say the team has a problem, or a player isn't good enough, you're not a real fan. Go cheer for another team.

Don't you understand hockey?
Yes. But not as well as Ken Holland and Mike Babcock. If you think that implies that I believe they are infallible, then you are making things up along with your imaginary superfan.

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