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02-08-2013, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by coolboarder View Post
Travel is the main reason of my team, Vancouver, in that they have had to travel a lot in the playoffs for instance, in 2011 run, they had to go Chicago, Nashville and Boston when they have had San Jose for the series while Boston has Montreal, Philadelphia and Tampa Bay in comparison, easiest travel-wise. Conference-based system would reduce reduce the travel within their time zone and maybe the mountain time zone for the duration of the playoffs. If Vancouver is in the east, I would have no issue with any system.

If you remember, last year, LA had to play against Vancouver, and Phoenix and their travel is still close for two rounds and won the cup while the two series is in CTZ and ETZ against St. Louis and NJ. This is the difference that LA is able to win the cup even though they were a great team and got hot at right time.

This is the reason why I favor the conference based playoffs or division for the 4 conference format or whatever format they choose.
This travel issue has a lot of variables. Yes, for players playing in western cities, travel is tougher. But then, it's essentially the same in all leagues. And in the NHL, it doesn't seem to have hindered western teams from winning the Cup. LA has won, Anaheim has won, Colorado has won, Dallas has won, Calgary has won, Edmonton has won, plus Detroit and Chicago have won while having to travel to the west coast.
And yes, there are TV broadcast issues. However, something I haven't heard mentioned much, if at all, is this... A great % of the viewing audience, like it or not, is in the east, as goes the population. If the League starts having a significant proportion of the Playoffs with all-west matchups, there well could be significant audience numbers lost. At least when its a CTZ or ETZ matchup with a PTZ or MTZ team, you're going to get a % of ETZ and CTZ viewers tuning in regardless of the hour. That's a significant factor that's being overlooked in this TV broadcast time discussion.

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