Thread: Raptors Discussion: v26: Chuckers Gonna Chuck II: Chuck Harder
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02-08-2013, 11:28 PM
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Amazing win. Had to beat Indiana and the Refs who both threw down the gauntlet. Very fun to watch.

Other things I loved:
  • Amir's best 30 seconds ever. Love the guy.
  • Bargnani finding his role and making it work.
  • Jack voicing his opinion and letting people know what's what.
  • Not perfect, but much better floor time for the right guys.
  • Val - the dude's had it rough, but I like him, and he's learning via some tough beatdowns.

Regarding trades, I think Bargnani is a better and more valuable asset to most teams than Boozer. I am not sure which one is the better fit for the Raps.

To those worrying about having a 10 mill player come off the bench, I'll repeat and elaborate what a few others have said over the past days: We're unlikely to sign big free agents. Spending via trade, and overpaying Bargnani and Fields isn't the worst thing that could ever happen.

It's comforting to have the 5-7 million in space in case you need to resign a guy, or pick up a mid-level free agent, but I am coming around to the idea of letting MLSE worrying about balancing the books and just enjoying the product on the floor.

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