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02-08-2013, 10:30 PM
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Originally Posted by TaLoN View Post
The results on the ice would be no different if Parise was Captain IMO. This is not an issue of "Mikko as Captain is causing these problems". This is an issue of "These players as a team are not gaining any chemistry and are not getting pucks on net".
Exactly. Don't get me wrong. Koivu can kiss my bum for his comments last night. Don't know what he was smoking. But Parise as Captain wouldn't have changed the outcome. People act like because he doesn't have the "C" but wears the "A" that he isn't allowed to really speak up or be a leader. Other guys can tear the stalls off the walls and get the boys motivated if they want to. But it never happens with this club no matter the roster. I remember people wanting Cullen to have that big letter. Look how well of a motivator he turned out to be. Moving that damn letter wouldn't have made a single bit of difference last night. Problem is a lot more complicated and deeper than a patch on the jersey.

But again, what freaking game were you watching, Koivu?

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