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Originally Posted by Brad View Post
You don't have to have a laser for a shot to have a high shooting percentage. I'm sure there are players who get most of their goals from tap-ins or garbage plays, yet have a higher shooting percentage than Gagne. What that number tells me is that he doesn't get many great chances, other than the ones that Forsberg puts on the tape of his stick. When Forsberg wasn't in the lineup, most of the chances Gagne had were unsuccessful, low-percentage stuff.
Gagne chest-snipes quite a bit... that's why he has a low shooting %, not because he's incapable of creating any good chances. he creates plenty of good shooting opportunities with his speed...

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
It depends on what you define as "clutch." I would consider post-season scoring in the realm of clutch, and I would also consider 3rd period, OT, and game winners as "clutch" goals. Whether or not it has anything to do with "stepping up," or the player just happened score in those situations is irrelevant to me. Some players have a tendency to score in those situations, while others don't. I'd prefer players who do.
that's just it... you think players do. however, our brains lie to us. almost all players do not significantly depart from their statistical norm of performance over the long haul. players simply have memorable playoff runs (primeau... pisani...), or memorable goals that place them at the front of what you remember.

there are players that are "better" in those situations... but you are also talking about small sample sizes... and many, if not most, of those players will return to their mean performance over time.

doesn't depend on how you define clutch... players play as well as they play. very few of them deviate from that performance in different situations.

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