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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
He went through a bit of a hot streak. He does that. Even last year, his offense was incredibly streaky. Frankly, if he HADN'T had that late season streak, his second year would have been a disaster on the offensive side of the puck (wasn't he on a huge point drought for a month and change before heating up?). Last season was no different. He would go through hot periods where he would put up 7 or 8 points in a 2 or 3 game span, and then nothing for half a dozen games. He actually finished last season pretty cold offensively.

McDonagh came up in January. Within two weeks, he made Michel Rozsival (a guy who, while expensive, had been a fixture on the Rangers' blueline for years) expendable. The very thing that distinguished McDonagh is the very thing that worries me about O'Reilly--consistency. McD has it. RO'R (at this point) does not.
Uh... O'Reilly was pretty burnt out in the second half of last season. Exactly what late season 'streak' are you talking about? He was also playing more minutes than he ever had and against tougher competition. Go look at his game log, he had a 5 game slump Nov 15 to Nov 23rd, and a 4 game slump to close out the year. Besides that he never went more than 3 games without a point and only went three games without a point two or three times besides those two slumps.

Exactly how do you characterize 'consistent scoring' for a player putting up 55 points? If he was a consistent scorer he would be a 70+ point player. I'm not seeing this abundance of not scoring for 4 or 5 games and then putting up multipoint games for 2 or 3 games that your talking about. Or a month long slump...

Obviously if he plays more consistently in a top 6 center role then he is going to have better conditioning to deal with it in the near future. Trust me... He looked SERIOUSLY gassed especially in the last quarter of last season. Hes 21 and it was his first season seeing 19+ minutes a game.

The fact that he produced as well as he did playing against and shutting down the other teams top players says a hell of a lot about his potential. We were a one line team for much of the season as well. All on top of the fact that he was thrown into that role not eased into it.

There are arguments on both sides as to how proven he is but there is enough there to say that he could turn into a #1 center similar to Bergeron. Just like what you say about McDonagh though, hes not there yet. Which is why no one agrees with him getting a 5M AAV contract.

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