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02-09-2013, 01:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Bench View Post
Is that really what you weened?

I'll keep it short. I don't like how everybody pretends like they have all the answers. It's ridiculous. There needs to be some admission of fallibility when you're discussing these topics. The rate at which people speak with authority on these matters is what annoys me.

Hockey discussion is encouraged and loved. So you've completely missed my point.

And as a poster that responds to a high volume of my posts directly, either you're admitting I post a lot about hockey, or you're admitting you respond to people that don't. If it's the former, then I think you know I'm not advocating what you suggested. If it's the latter, well, maybe you should put me back on your ignore list to control yourself.
People don't pretend they have ALL the answers. You just act like they do.

Here's how this entire thread is shaking down.

the so-called Holland bashers on one side.
the so-called Holland apologists on the other.

Z40 started this ******** with his stupid post. And you signed up right beside him. At the same time, you're singing Kumbaya.

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