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Originally Posted by chimrichalds18 View Post
I would definitely undo it -- and this is coming from someone who wore 88 his whole life because of Lindros. No way of knowing what would have happened, but since we know that a Lindros-centric team didn't get it done (and knowing what Forsberg achieved), you'd almost have to undo it. Just like how I'd undo the Pronger trade, but that's a different thread...
This question really digs down deep the core of Flyers fans and the way posters answer gives you some insight into what type of fan they are.

For me, it's simple; As much as I loved watching Lindros play his career in O&B (my favorite Flyer growing up and to this date my favorite Flyer EVER), he never won us a cup. Thus if you ask me to choose between Lindros (whose career didn't get us a cup) and some alternate path (Forsberg), where it's unknown, I'll take the alternate path. Even the slightest chance that Forsberg might've gotten us a Cup is better than the certainty of no Stanley Cup that comes with choosing Lindros.

I'm all about seeing this team win a cup in my lifetime. The success of the team over all else. For some other posters here, I'm figuring out that their fandom is much more about pride (some might even say foolish pride) and the experience. They wouldn't trade the opportunity to have rooted for Lindros for anything (not even for a better chance at a cup).

You can see the same thing in the way certain people respond to moves made by our GM. That's something for another thread, but you can certainly see those fans who revel in the pride of competing hard every year and never tanking butting heads with those fans who care most about winning a cup.

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