Thread: Speculation: Question about Trouba
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02-09-2013, 02:25 AM
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I really believe we will see him here sooner rather than later. and il take a different approach.

IF the jets invite him to camp and he faces the decision of school vs nhl

playing in the nhl and making pro money is a once in a lifetime thing. school is great, and can set you up beyond hockey, but school will ALWAYS be an option... one you can return to later in life if need be

pro hockey on the other hand, can be much trickier

What if he suffers some crazy injury next season and is never the same player again? maybe never ends up cracking a pro roster, maybe a bad concussion makes him stop playing hockey

what im getting at is... if you have an opportunity to make the type of money that can set you and your family up for life, it will be tough to pass up. take it while you can sort of thing

***** this is of course IF and only IF the jets leave the decision up to him... if they offer him a spot i think he should take it and run with it.. if its truly what he wants to do

however if the jets decided its best for his development to stay another year in college. then so be it, he can continue to play college and do well and hopefully be ready to make an impact when he does come to the nhl

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