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02-09-2013, 02:41 AM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
Miller has shown me more in 2 games plus from what I've seen from him at lower levels that he can handle this kind of role. The kid is smarter than Boyle. Is a better skater than Boyle. More offensively skilled than Boyle.

Nothing might be "definite" in a technical sense with him, but he's about as close as it comes to a sure thing in terms of being a better option for the 3rd line than Boyle at this point.
I've only seen Miller in the WJC and the past two games, I haven't caught any Whale games this year, but I maintain we don't have enough exposure to say for sure what kind of a player/how good this guy is going to be. Is this his best? Is it what we can expect? Is he going to crash hard? We really don't know.

We know Boyle's upside, and we know what he brings to the table. Especially defensively, and especially on the PK.

Is he a better option for the 3rd line we're rolling now? Very much. He and Cally showed instant chemistry, and he and Kreider seem to do well together as well.

But we don't know what he's going to look like in a few games. How he's going to be defensively, how he'll impact special teams.

I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying there is no way to know if you're right yet.

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