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Originally Posted by LemaireisGOD View Post
I don't mind being a wrong once in a while if I'm right more often than not. I was one of the first to call Pouliot being a bust as well as Sheppard, Gillies etc. The traits all of these players showed in junior followed them into the NHL and they all underperformed because of those deficiencies. Some of them mental, some of them physical.

Yet I still don't see the comparison between Stamkos and Thornton to Granlund. Say what you will but both Stamkos and Thornton were not at a disadvantage physically. Neither was blasted for lacking mobility; nor size.

Granlund won't suddenly become big. He won't ever be a fast player and when you coincide that with his deficiency in size it becomes a major problem in being able to adapt to the NHL game.

I don't doubt that Granlund has the mental capacity to play at the NHL level but the physical tools may not be there to accomplish what his mind knows he can do. He's not used to struggling; not so completely. I find all of the posters saying the Wild have cheated or mistreated Granlund to be laughable. He can't do his job. They would be considered incompetent if he wasn't scratched by now. Even in scratching him people are questioning their competence but scratching Granlund had no effect on the outcome of last night's game against Vancouver.

I remember Fabian Brunnstrom. So what? He had 17 goals for the Stars in his first year here as a 23-year old. Granlund had a goal in his first game. Do you really want to compare to the two?

IMO, Granlund hasn't shown me anything; despite playing on the 2nd line for MOST of his time with the Wild that he is deserving of a spot in the lineup that is etched in stone. He has to be better by his own admission. I think he now realizes just how far away he is.

Someone said Mikko won't let him give up? How would Mikko know? According to him, last night the Wild were "right there" with Vancouver. If I were Mikael, I'd want another mentor than another underperformer in Mikko Koivu. Just sayin'...
In responce to this, Granlund will never be big or fast but he has an intangible that most Nhlers would love to have. Instinct. It is not something that is taught. I'm not the biggest Granlund fan but he has instinct and good periprial vision. The NHL is funny. You can be a great athlete and fail or you can be some frail kid like Gretzky and light the leauge on fiire. Dont count Granlund out yet,

Look at the bright side. Larsson and Brodin are locks. even if the Fins fail. The best hockey players come from Sweden. I.E Lidstrom, Forsberg, Nilsson,

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