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02-09-2013, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Burnt Biscuits View Post
My viewings of him are limited but I don't see the big upside that others see. I would not take him top 10, but I would take him top 15 (provided someone else doesn't slip) he has an impressive set of attributes most notably how well he skates for his size. His dekes while sound don't seem to have a ton of variety and lacks that dynamic flare you see from other top draft picks (although they are usually smaller in stature), he could also stand to utilize his teammates better. He is good at shielding the puck and attacking the net and many players have made a good career out of just that, but I'm not sure about his grit to do that consistently against NHL defenders who make you pay a price to take it hard to the net. I'm guessing he'll be a better skating Zubrus with a little worse hands, but will take the puck to the hard areas with greater frequency.
I have no desire for Nichushkin. He is all skill but no hockey sense what so ever. pass on him.

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