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Originally Posted by No Fun Shogun View Post
True, but for the millionth time, the NBA is not going to reject the Hansen buy. It's just wishful thinking on behalf of Kings fans.
Agreed. The Kings relocating to Seattle is just too good to be true for Stern in that it ties up a number of loose ends all at once:

1. The league get rid of the Maloofs who have been absentee landlord owners for some time now. I'm quite sure that when they reneged on the Arena deal (that the City council approved by a 7-2 majority last March) Stern was done dealing with their idiocy.

2. It brings a team back to Seattle - its a bigger market and makes amends for losing the Sonics in the first place. Also, Stern said that he was gonna bring a team back to Seattle prior to ending his tenure as Commissioner, this way he makes good on that promise.

3. The whole uncertainty that has surrounded the Kings franchise for the past 5 years coupled with the inability to strike an arena deal which is acceptable to taxpayers and ownership alike is a thing of the past. I think moving the Kings will represent a significant relief for Stern and the BOG in that they won't have to concern themselves with propping up or worrying about a franchise that appears to no longer be sustainable.

This might be a blessing in disguise for Sacramento, in a superstar dominated league like the NBA small market teams are pissing in the wind, really they are just there to make up the numbers and I personally think that an NFL/MLB/NHL, hell even an MLS team is a much more attractive proposition for a market the size of Sacramento which will always struggle to lure free agents. I'm not saying that any of the aforementioned leagues will relocate or expand to Sacramento but losing the Kings really is addition by subtraction in my view.

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