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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
So some of you have confirmed:

1. Wouldn't trade him for NO other goalie in the NHL
2. Looks to be likely starter for team canada
3. He's not even in his prime, which suggests we still haven't seen his best

Just because goalies today are a lot better than they were during Roy's prime doesn't mean that Carey can't be considered a generational talent. It's relative to the era.

How else can a goalie become a generational talent? Or have we come to the point where generational goalies are extinct?

Do we really need to compare the starting goalies of 1993 versus 2013? The ''difference'' argument doesn't work as it's 2 different eras. Generational talent needs to be adjusted as the sport ages and parity among top players increases.
It really depends on what the term generational talent means.

How many current players would you say are generational talents? I'd say:

current generational talents:
Sidney Crosby
Evgeni Malkin
Zdeno Chara

recent generational talents:
Nicklas Lidstrom
Scott Niedermeyer
Joe Sakic

failed generational talents:
Alexander Ovechkin, ate too many doughnuts.
Chris Pronger, career cut short at 35 due to concussions, would have been one had he led the Flyers to a cup.
Joe Thornton, had he not spent a decade choking in the playoffs he would be the Crosby of the western conference.

Potential generational talents:
This list is really huge, too long to write down.

Basically, for Price to become a generational talent, he needs to play this well for 8 or 9 of the next 10 years, and he needs to win 1 or 2 cups. He has the potential to become one, to establish himself as one, but right now he's in the same boat as Steven Stamkos, Alex Pietrangelo, and John Tavares.

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