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Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post

It's embarrassing how underrated and disrespected he is by some around the league.

The guy has came up great in big games more than he has flopped, once he gets a defense who doesn't leave him out to dry in the biggest moments. Then we will see how he does, He has stumbled big time at times, but this guy has been a pretty good playoff goalie if you are willing to be objective.

And he is just as good as Cory, Cory is just our guy moving forward, it's not a matter of who is better, just other circumstances.

Is that why Luongo was yanked after 2 games and CS got the bulk of the starts in the playoffs last year?

Come on. Luongo is infamous for his playoff chokejobs, just like the Caps are. We've seen it, and the stats (particularly in the 2nd round) bear it out. His overall playoff stats don't tell the tale. He's laid some serious eggs when it mattered, for years, and you can't keep blaming the defense.

We can admit it about our team, you can admit it about your goalie.

Luongo is a great goalie, but he's like Arod. Some guys just aren't wired for the pressure situations. It doesn't mean they can't change, but how much money are you willing to bank on it? Apparently, after 2 losses in the first round last season (and a LOT of bad games down the stretch), the Canucks had enough.

If he was the guy to take them to the promised land, don't you think they'd be holding on to him, and playing him the entire first round instead of benching him?

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