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Originally Posted by Tzar
A) Getting a real captain. Koivu wears the C letter, but he definetely does not exercise the kind of leadership required of a captain in the locker room.

Don't make a mistake about it: Koivu is among the two or three best players of the Montreal Canadiens. Some games, he's number one because he is a such a complete player, able to score as well as setting up plays. By his efforts, he certainly gives the example on the ice almost every night. But he does not get the job done in the locker room. He does not exercise leadership, influence players, regroup the troops in hard times. Last year, Doug Gilmour was able to do some of that job because of his strength of character but Koivu is too silent to do this.

And I don't see anybody else among the Canadiens to do this, so it will have to come from the outside (perhaps Theo in a few years could do this, but goalies don't become captains).
First of all you've never been in the dressing room, so you have no idea what goes on in there. Stop spouting rumors as if they were fact.

Second of all the Canadiens sucked more last year than this year, so Gilmour's leadership in the dressing room meant absolutely nothing.

Originally Posted by Tzar
B) The other reason to trade Koivu would be because BG does not think Ribeiro and him can coexist very long, since they are so similar in playing style and as Ribeiro matures, he could well become a second Koivu. Both will vye for the first center position. However, I don't see that happening anytime soon. Ribeiro still need to play consistently for 2 or 3 more years before we can confirm his value. Of course, he's doing well this year, being the best player of the Canadiens. But he's still young and need to mature more. So the Ribeiro/Koivu coexistence would not be a good reason to trade for now, unless Koivu himself asks for a trade, and I don't think Koivu wants that at this moment.

In any case, it would be a difficult trade since people have an emotional attachment to Koivu.
Gainey has never said anything that even remotely resembles what you are saying he "thinks", so it sounds pretty far-fetched...

Koivu and Ribeiro have completely different styles of playing.

-Koivu dazzles his opponents with lightning quick moves like changing direction and quickly moving the puck from his right side to his left side... He also plays a hard nosed game for a guy his size. He's also a decent back-checker. Decent first liner.

-Ribeiro on the other hand uses a form of subterfuge to get around players. He does things like make the oposition think he lost the puck, and/or makes them think he's going left when he's actually going right... He's got excellent puck control. He's a finess player. Good second liner.

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