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02-09-2013, 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Robin Hood View Post
Unlike the qualification tournament four years ago I don't fell AS disappointed this year - still disappointed though. Four years ago I felt we deserved the victory, and I thought we were clearly the better team. Watching these two matches this year it becomes painfully obvious that when playing without our NHL'ers the Danish team is mediocree at best with scrubs from tier-2 Sweden as our go-to-guys. We simply aren't better than what this result justifies. We saw it at the last WC and we're seeing it now. Playing at the Olympics would be awesome, but it could very quickly become a humiliating experience whenever Frans, Philip, Bødker and Jannik are taking breathers.

I don't know about Bäckman - what other options did he have? Denmark is always better with our backs against the wall. We haven't been used to being favorites or controlling the matches in the last ten years. To me it seemed the players were motivated but underestimated the opposition in some way.

Yesterday we shot wide from 3 meters away 7 times at least, fanned on the pucks, moved the puck slowly and wanted to dangle the entire Slovenian team at all times. Defensively we were great but at least kept them at two, and that should give you all chances of winning. Offensively is where we struggle, and as I said that is a result of suddenly needing to control the matches rather than stay put and await.
I agree what you say, but maybe we should play a more Swiss/Czech playing style - more defensive orientated a fast contra hockey when we have the chance. We don't have the quality to control games. you are right that our team feel more mediocre than it was four years ago when we lost to Norway.
This slow control-game achives nothing as you say when you don't have the fast drives towards the net. The czech play their contra-style against anyone....even weaker teams (like Denmark last WC). We started to think "we play so well - we might have a chance" - they open up and then the czechs punish them.

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