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Buffalo vs Detroit

Originally Posted by eva unit zero View Post
How much did you watch Hasek in Detroit vs. Buffalo?

The general narrative was that Buffalo had an awful, atrocious defense and that Hasek was saving them all the time.

This was not the case.

Buffalo had a solid defense, but it had particular talents. The guys they had, such as Jay McKee, were very good at:
1) Clearing the crease.
2) Eliminating rebounds.

When Hasek was traded to Detroit, he came to a team that was better defensively overall, but have the same level of individual success. Why? Chelios and Fischer () were around to play the physical defensive game, but Duchesne, Olausson, Dandenault... they weren't knocking guys around in the crease. Lidstrom never really did that either. They were able to stop chances from happening, but Duchesne, Olausson, and Dandenault on rebound control? Yeah...
Even though you appreciate the Buffalo defensemen more than the vast majority, you still underrate them and fail to present a brief individual portrait of each as you did for Detroit. This does not mean I agree with your portrayal of the individual skills of the defensemen on each team.

Regardless of the team, defensemen, goalie or era it is always difficult for the defensemen to control and transition the puck from the congested crease/slot area with the goalie almost on top of the puck. If the defensemen cannot control and transition the puck out of the defensive zone they are left with a very poor second alternative, clearing the puck to safer areas of the defensive zone. This increases the amount of time the puck spends in the defensive zone which is never good strategy.

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