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02-09-2013, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by coolasprICE View Post
So some of you have confirmed:

1. Wouldn't trade him for NO other goalie in the NHL
2. Looks to be likely starter for team canada
3. He's not even in his prime, which suggests we still haven't seen his best

Just because goalies today are a lot better than they were during Roy's prime doesn't mean that Carey can't be considered a generational talent. It's relative to the era.

How else can a goalie become a generational talent? Or have we come to the point where generational goalies are extinct?

Do we really need to compare the starting goalies of 1993 versus 2013? The ''difference'' argument doesn't work as it's 2 different eras. Generational talent needs to be adjusted as the sport ages and parity among top players increases.
I think Price will be the best goalie in the game. I don't think he'll be THAT dominant over the next best goalie that he'll be considered a generational talent.

Originally Posted by thewall View Post
No doubt in my mind.. The question should be.. will PK Subban be joining him on the Blue Line??? He's got a shot... especially if he tones it down a bit and his production keeps rising!
PK should be there. Don't know if he will be but he should.
Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet View Post
He is a somewhat of a longshot to make the team. As of right now Doughty, Keith, Weber, Pietrangelo and Letang are absolute locks. That leaves 1 spot for Seabrook, Staal, Myers, Girardi, Boyle, Burns and Subban. I personally think that spot will be between Seabrook, Girardi and Staal. Team Canada doesn't have a shortage of offensively gifted d-men so they will be looking for a stay at home/penalty killer/shot blocker who can still be contribute offensively. These 3 fit the bill perfectly as Subban is still too much of a gambler to be considered for this role.

His only chance will be an injury to one or more of the players that I mentioned as locks.
He's not as much of a gambler as he was at the beginning of last season. He's continued to improve defensively and his skating would be awesome on that big surface.
Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
It's very likely that Chara will eventually close the 151 game on Pronger.

Both have won a cup, but Chara won one as a captain and as the leader, Pronger won his as the first officer to captain Niedermeyer.

I may be suffering from a northeast division bias, as I get the impression that Chara is a generational player in that he redefines the game. He indirectly makes a lot of goons around the NHL irrelevant, not by fighting them directly though he sometimes does, but because the rest of his team will fight them more, and then you need other goons to fight those goons, etc. There's no denying that the entire northeast division has added a lot of grit in the past two years. Having reverberations on other lineups is a good criteria for a generational player.

It's a fair point though. Pronger has two cup finals (game 7 finals!) with Edmonton and Philadelphia to go with his cup win in Anaheim, and he has a whopping 230 points of additional offensive production on Chara. 1 or 2 more lucky bounces in Edmonton-Carolina 2006 and Philadelphia-Chicago 2010 and this isn't a discussion: Chris Pronger would arguably be on par with Bobby Orr and Nicklas Lidstrom.

Given all that, I'm not going to argue against somebody who thinks Pronger is a generational talent.
Pronger>Chara. Neither are generational talents but both will be in the HOF.

Lidstrom was a generational talent.
Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
None of the guys listed are generational talents except Lidstrom. Crosby perhaps, but he's been too hurt to lump into this category. Superstars != generational talents.

guys like Sakic were near the top for a long time, but never separated from the pack in any given year.

Lemieux, Gretzky, Yzerman, Bourque, Lids, Roy, Hasek, maybe crosby. Those are generational talents. Everyone who is very good is not a generational talent.
Yzerman, Messier, Sakic, Belfour, Coffey, Chelios, Jagr... all are in the same group. Really, really good. HOF type guys but I don't consider any to be generational talents.

Hasek, Roy, Lemieux, Gretz, Bourque, Lidstrom, Crosby... In my opinion those are generational talents. Really separated from the crowd and clearly the best at their positions. I actually think OV and Lindros had generational talent as well. They didn't fulfill their promise for different reasons but both were absolutely incredible.

Carey Price I think will fall into the category of best at his position and having a great career. Then again I thought Chris Higgins was going to be a 40 goal man so...

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