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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Simple question. What production has Paajarvi accomplished or contributed to this year or last?

One can talk about the rare offensive forays all one wants. MPS is a poor offensive player and cycle player. At best he's somebody that can rush the puck with speed and bring it to the net the odd times he's so inclined.

Funny the way you mention Harti as he's the player that can sustain the puck in dangerous areas. I like the looks of him playing with talent more than Paajarvi right now who handles the puck like its a live grenade.
I never claimed his production was great, it clearly isn't. But I don't agree that MPS is a totally lost cause as far as offense goes. I never thought of him as a highly skilled offensive player, but imo he does have more in him then he's been getting on the scoresheet for the last two seasons.

His production was pretty good for a rookie his first season, for a swedish rookie it was almost exceptional, they usually need a couple of years to start putting up points, the Sedins had similar production for their first three seasons. Now you could claim this was all due to playing with Omark but I doubt you of all people would agree with that... Then he fell into a black whole his second year and hasn't been able to get out, but I'm not prepared to give up on him just yet, I feel there's stille untapped potential.

I see a player with some skill and loads of speed who lacks confidence and is overthinking his game, but for the last couple of games has started to improve and gain back some sort of belief in himself. You see a hopeless case offensively. Which is fair enough and I think we might have to agree to disagree.

In 2-3 years I guess we'll see who's right. In the meantime I doubt he'll kill Yakupovs career by playing on the same line for a few games.

Edit: And btw I don't agree he's too bad on the cycle either...

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