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Originally Posted by Willy View Post
With Regina going down to 3 teams and Saskatoon entering with 4 (not confirmed) Melville, Humbolt, Estevan, Weyburn and a few others will not survive in the league. They do not have the population to draw from to make it. Regina with 3 teams based on population means that each team draws from 80,000 people!!! Melville / Humbolt draw from a population of less than 10,000! That doesn't work! Regina should be embarrassed that they they needed to drop down to 3 teams to get to the top of the south. What a great way to develop players! Cut them! What works best for Saskatchewan rather than Northeast, Regina and Saskatoon should be the priority here. Truth is when Saskatchewan goes to AAA midget tournaments, we do very so there is good reason to keep these smaller centers and continue to develop a larger group of players.
Calgary has 4 teams in a city of a million people at the highest bantam level. What does this say about their 'development'? In my opinion it says nothing! They consistently develop many many kids.

However, much like Saskatoon and Regina, base population is a poor indicator for year to year talent. Saskatchewan is a HUGE province and travel and population will always be at issue when deciding how boundaries should exist at the rural/urban level.

Also, the best way to 'develop' players often is to have them play at a lower level - cut them. Much like at the professional or junior levels. Players are 'cut' or 'released' to a lower level in order to develop. Smaller centers always develop kids because there is no evidence that playing a highly competitive level at bantam makes them better hockey players. Coaching, coaching, coaching.

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