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Originally Posted by Lafleurs Guy View Post
Jagr isn't a generational talent in my book. Great player but didn't compete against Gretz or Lemieux. I don't see him as being that much better than Yzerman or Sakic. Yeah he won more trophies but he wasn't competing against Gretz/Lemieux the way the others were (and in fact benefited from Lemieux) and some of the other guys (particularly Yzerman) played on horrible teams. Yzerman somehow managed 155 points with Gerrard Gallant as his linemate. Absolutely ridiculous to be able to do that - and he STILL didn't win the scoring title.

Jagr will probably be held in higher regard at the end of the day due to the awards (and he was amazing) but for those of us old enough to remember - Yzerman was just as good. The season before his 155 point year he might've been even better but got hurt. The guy was a seriously awesome player and there's not enough difference between Jagr and Sakic or Yzerman for me to say that he was generational. If Jagr's generational then so is Yzerman, Hull, Messier etc...
I am old enough to remember and Jagr was superior to Yzerman.

Jagr never played a single game in the 80's when 100 point scorers were growing on trees. Messier only eclipsed 100 points once after the 80's so it would be silly to put him in the same category as Jagr who has played the majority of his career without Lemieux. In 98-99 Jagr had 44 more points than the second leading scorer on his team (Straka) and 71 more points than the 3rd leading scorer (Titov). He won the scoring title in the midst of the Dead puck era by 20 points over Teemu Sellane.

Comparing stats from different eras is ridiculous without accounting for the differential in the rate of production for the respective eras.

There really is no debate.....Jagr is a generational talent. It is a fact.

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